Brand Story

Brand Story

Hello, I'm Callista, an artist based in Vancouver! My artistic journey with Kokkok Chicken began in February 2023😆 The inspiration for Kokkok actually harks back to my childhood plush toy. When I was young, I used to create stories about Kokkok, imagining her as an alien chicken from an unknown planet🪐 As I grew older and relocated to Vancouver, Kokkok stayed with my family while I delved into digital drawing using my iPad. It was during this period that I developed a deep connection with Kokkok and decided to transform my drawings into a brand💛

first drafts of Kokkok

The first drafts of Kokkok - she looks so different back then!

When contemplating what products to create, I turned to another one of my hobbies – handmade art! Crafting stickers and KOCKY boxes became a satisfying endeavor, and I found joy in turning my hobby into a business😆

Printing and Cutting Kokkok stickers

Stickers in the making - We print and produce the stickers in-house

As I expanded my product line, I also had the opportunity to showcase my creations at in-person events such as craft fairs and conventions!! Witnessing people appreciate my art and Kokkok has been a truly heartwarming experience! I never could have imagined that this artistic journey would be filled with so much love and support!!💛💛

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